What is Aqua Biolight®

Aqua Biolight, developed and released by Biowaterworld, is a revolutionary system using a unique photometric process to alter and reorganize the molecular structure of water based on the natural bioresonance level.
Through this method modified water affects bioenergetically stabilizing, healing and improves life-supporting frequencies and frequency ranges in all living creatures.

How does Aqua Biolight® work

When flowing through the Aqua Biolight system the living water molecules begin to communicate with their life-wavy light frequencies.
The aqueous cells of all plants and creatures are known to communicate by bioresonance. No water and no light - no bio-resonance - and without resonance there is no healthy, natural life.
Biowaterworld Aqua Biolight systems lead to the renaissance of the living, energetic, wholesome primal water.
The evolutionary heart of all Biolight Aqua systems is located in the programmed microprocessor. The all-encompassing life energy that is encrypted in this microprocessor is transmitted through the Biolight lighting technology to the water flowing around the bulb. The informed light enriches the water in the wavelength range of the spectral colours on an energetic, vibrant, wholesome level. The obtained living water is full of light, completely tasteless and especially "wholesome" and can make and keep you healthy!

Aqua Biolight® applications

The Aqua Biolight systems can be installed in domestic water pipes, fountains, water treatment and wellness areas and baths of all kinds. Other fields of application are the bottling, food and beverage industry as well as domestic water treatment.

Aqua Biolight® in beverage and food production

Who has living water, does not need to worry about probiotic foods! Food production and cooking with top quality, living, energetic water results in aromatic taste and a healthy well-being. Whether in the food or beverage manufacturing, the biowaterworld Aqua Biolight reduces pollutants and germs in the water, increases durability and in any case, the quality of human life.

Aqua therapy Biolight® water and aqua training

Swimming pools and spa facilities should be a place of relaxation, rest and recuperation! The Aqua Biolight concept - for active, energetic, wholesome water – reaches this goal significantly faster. The reduced use of chemical disinfection and cleaning additives prevents eye, skin and respiratory irritation and eliminates allergies. The well-being increases the positive quality of life. You can offer your guests more bathing fun and real, tangible wellness across the board! Aqua Biolight increases the potential of the life force in the water. It energizes, invigorates and harmonizes the water. The energetic, vibrant and wholesome water helps healing wounds and regenerates skin and organs, reduces your pain and supports the natural healing powers. You already achieve significant results when putting only a few drops on the skin, or have a compress soaked in Biolightwater.