Our world are teeth. And if it was only to give people good looking new teeth it would at most be a question of money.


• DENTTABS teethcaring tablets are the medical, cosmetic and ecological replacement to conventional toothpaste.

• No other dental care product in the world offers these combined effects as do DENTTABS teehtcleaning tablets.

• Clinical tests establish an optimal health protection.

• They promote a completely new understanding for dental care.

Whereas up to now people tried to remove plaque through aggressive scrubbing with medium-hard to hard brushes, with DENTTABS and soft toothbrushes teeth are polished that smooth that no plaque can stick to and remain on their surface. In the consequence no tartar AND esp. no toothdecay are possible anymore!

DENTTABS teethcaring tablets achieve this with a minimum number of ingredients.

How to Use

All you have to do is to chew a tablet and mix it with saliva to your personal paste.

After a few seconds, a creamy foam builds up. Then, ideally with our special soft toothbrush act as you are used to and thereby polish smooth.

Rinse. Done.

Let your tongue test the smoothness. You will be thrilled!


• The polishing (RDA<30) effect of the cellulose as the main ingredient in DENTTABS prevents the formation of tooth deposits and stains and thereby the incidence of tooth decay.

• Acid-related damages (erosion, caries) are “repaired” through the substantial intensive effect of the fluoride (only DENTTABS-fluoride) in the context of the natural remineralization, even after only a few uses. This effect is noticed especially on sensitive dental necks. Enlarged dentin channels often grow closed again, so that a lasting pain reduction and even a lasting freedom from pain can result.

• The tooth substance is regenerated and even pre-existing small cavities can be ‚repaired‘.

• DENTTABS teethcaring tablets are free from preservatives, consistency builders, bleaches, dampening agents, binding agents, etc., and distinguish themselves with a very low surfactant concentration.

No other product has these combined effects. Worldwide.