Vitacontrol® VC 5001 med

VC 5001 med

Thanks to its further enhanced optical output power, the VC 5001 med has since become an everyday accompaniment to dermalogical treatments and cosmetic procedures.

Goals of treatment

Pain Treatment

Reduction of Inflammation

Acceleration of wound healing

Biostimulation of metabolism

Technical specification

VitaControl-Laser Typ : VC5001 med

Laser classification : 3B

Optical power : 800 mw

Wavelength : 785 nm

Power density : 176,3 mW/cm2

Operating temperature : 0 to 40°C

Laser diode life : 3500 h

Operating voltage : 90 - 264 VAC

Power input : 47 - 63 Hz

Main fuses : 0,35 A

Protection Class : I

Vitacontrol® VC 5001 med

It already makes a substantial contribution to the rapid and improved recovery of patients in the fields of wound management and post-operative care.

The Vitacontrol Laser System VC 5001 med (Made in Germany) is developing and finding its place in many other fields of application.

The VitaControl-System is the most powerful laser of its class and therefore guarantees a very strong effect.
Its 8 laser diodes beam evenly on a comparatively big treatment area of 4.5 square centimetres.